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About Jason Dejah Payne

portrait of Jason Dejah Payne, artist

Dejah Payne is a cartoonist known for her expressive style and offbeat characters. Her narrative works explore themes of personal identity, often through a comedic lens, as exemplified in the ongoing series PRINCEZZ and her latest anthology series THISTLES. Dejah primarily publishes under Syrup Pirates®, her micro-press imprint.

In her spare time Dejah enjoys pizza, gardening, vinyl collecting, classic cinema, retro-gaming, long walks, Go, meditation, miniature golf, and hobbyist computing.

Selected Works

For the last 20 years, J. Dejah Payne has self-published her works electronically and in print, much of which was branded under Syrup Pirates, her micro-press publishing imprint. A typical physical print run is between 12 and 50 copies. Below are a few select titles from more recent years.


Thistles #1 cover
PKD's Tony and the Beetles cover
Pizza Fright #1 cover art
PRINCEZZ graphic novel cover
Tiny Todd & Janis cover
Dogwalk autobigraphical comic cover


Killer is NEAR Game cover


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Send email to dejah@artofpayne.com